4BI9 Media  is a full-scale, in-house production company, covering all aspects of the production and post-production process. Our background lies in action-sports cinematography, with a decade of experience in documentary filmmaking, event shooting, and advertising shorts. Our creative team handles entire projects start to finish, or helps clients with specific steps along the way.


4bi9 Media will assist with anything from storyboarding projects, creating shot lists, securing casts/athletes, writing production schedules, and hiring necessary third party associates. When applicable, 4bi9 Media will help choose the best location for your project, with over 10 years of experience working in a multitude of different countries, sets, and ‘off-the-beaten-path’ locations around the globe.


4bi9 Media is capable of executing all aspects of the production process, for a wide variety of clients and projects. While more than comfortable in a studio setting, 4bi9 Media’s extensive experience lies in location filming. Whether it’s snowmobiling camera gear deep into the mountains, shooting Bradley Theodore in downtown Manhattan, filming advertisements in secluded regions of Western America’s desert, interviewing Jane Lynch on the busy streets of Sundance, or filming an Olympic gold medalist in war-stricken Bosnia, 4bi9 Media is ready and able to handle any production challenge thrown our way.


4bi9 Media has considerable experience in delivery of projects of all magnitude and duration -anything from a 15 second social media clip for The North Face, to a 24 minute documentary for ABC and ESPN. 4bi9 Media is competent in all aspects of post-production, including editing, color-grading, and sound mixing / design. Productive connections with talented musicians, graphic designers, and narrators, help us execute a wide variety of projects with the ability to hone in on your vision and turn over the final product to meet your timeline.

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